Traders debate whether Solana (SOL) is a buy now that it’s down 87% from its all-time high

The crypto sector is caught in a deep correction and recent reporting shows that a majority of altcoins are more than 70% down from their 2021 highs. Solana is among that list and investors are on the fence about whether the token has strong enough fundamentals to warrant buying SOL at its current value.  Data … Read more

Stratis (STRAX) gains 200%+ after Sky Dream Mall metaverse and stablecoin announcement

Bear markets can be incredibly harsh for projects that have little adoption or lack an applicable use case, but projects that dedicate to building regardless of market sentiment tend to succeed in the next market cycle. One project that has seen a noticeable boost in volume, despite the wider-market downtrend is Stratis (STRAX), a blockchain … Read more

Celsius (CEL) price gains 600%+, but analysts cite exchange error and a massive short squeeze

On June 14, discussions of Celsius continued to populate media headlines and today’s news involved the platforms CEL token accruing massive gains after what appears to either be an exchange glitch or a short-squeeze. CEL price spiked from $0.18  to $1.55 in one abrupt candle before sinking back to $0.60 within the same 1-hour candle. … Read more

Ocean Protocol, Helium and Chainlink post monthly gains while Bitcoin price consolidates

Positive price movements during bear markets are noteworthy primarily because they can help identify projects that have a good chance of surviving until the next bull cycle .  Generally, price action in June has been stagnant for a majority of the crypto market because traders are nervous about Bitcoin’s (BTC) oscillation around the $30,000 support … Read more

Traders target $1,400 Ethereum price after ETH drops closer to a critical support level

On June 8 the Ethereum network successfully underwent the merge to become proof-of-stake on its Ropsten testnet, but the news had little impact on ETH price.  With the Ropsten upgrade now looking more like a buy the rumor, sell the news type of event, most analysts have kept a short-term bearish outlook for Ether price. Let’s take a look. … Read more

LINK marines rejoice after Chainlink 2.0 brings a new roadmap and staking

Passive income opportunities are one of the biggest draws in the cryptocurrency ecosystem because it gives investors an easy opportunity to grow their portfolio size regardless of the day-to-day price action. The latest token to get a bump in its price after announcing the upcoming implementation of staking is Chainlink (LINK), the decentralized oracle network … Read more

Reserve Rights (RSR) builds momentum ahead of its long-awaited mainnet launch

Bitcoin was created to give the average person a peer-to-peer economic system and a store of wealth asset that could provide financial autonomy and access to banking, especially for people living in places where financial services are sparse or non-existent. In the last five years, there have been a number of blockchain projects that aim … Read more

3 key indicators traders use to determine when altcoin season begins

It’s widely accepted that the fate of the cryptocurrency market depends largely on the performance of Bitcoin (BTC), which makes times like these for crypto traders who prefer to invest in altcoins.  When BTC price is down, altcoins tend to follow, but as a bottoming process begins, altcoins tend to perk up during Bitcoin’s consolidation … Read more

WEMIX gains 200%+ after stablecoin and boosted staking rewards announcement

Blockchain-based gaming, also known as GameFi, is an up-and-coming sector that could potentially be one of the primary catalysts for kickstarting the mass adoption of blockchain technology. WEMIX, a gaming protocol that operates on the Klaytn network, aims to get in on the GameFi revolution and this week, the project’s native token (WEMIX) rallied even … Read more

Polkadot parachains spike after the launch of a $250M aUSD stablecoin fund

Crypto prices have been exploring new lows for weeks and currently it’s unclear what it will take to reverse the trend. Despite the downtrend, cryptocurrencies within the Polkadot ecosystem began to rally on May 24 and have managed to maintain gains ranging from 10% to 25%, a possible sign that certain sub-sectors of the market … Read more