Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester Is ‘Not Predicting a Recession,’ Says Inflation Will Move Down – Economics Bitcoin News

Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank president Loretta Mester doesn’t think a recession will take place in the United States but believes it will take two years to get inflation back down to 2%. While speaking during an interview on Sunday, Mester explained that while it will take two years, inflation “will be moving down.” A 2% … Read more

Former Fed Chair Bernanke: Bitcoin Is Mainly Used in Underground Economy for Illicit Activities – Featured Bitcoin News

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says the main use of bitcoin is “mostly for underground economy activities and often things that are illegal or illicit.” He added, “I don’t think bitcoin is going to take over as an alternative form of money.” Ben Bernanke on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shared … Read more