Bitcoin Halving Approaches: Less Than 400 Days Until Block Reward Subsidy Is Cut in Half – Blockchain Bitcoin News

According to current statistics, the Bitcoin network is fewer than 56,000 blocks away and less than 400 days away from the next reward halving. After the next halving, the block reward will be reduced by 50%, and the current block subsidy of 6.25 bitcoins will drop to 3.125 bitcoins per block post-halving. In addition to … Read more

Bitcoin price predictions abound as traders focus on the next BTC halving cycle

Terra’s (LUNA) recent collapse has been repeatedly singled out as the main source of weakness affecting crypto assets. Still, it’s much more likely that a combination of factors is behind the start of this current bear market. At the same time that the market was reeling from the Terra saga, the two-year mark for the next … Read more

Bitcoin celebrates halfway to the halving with new hash rate record

Bitcoin (BTC) marks a milestone mining journey on Thursday, crossing the halfway point on the way to its next halving.  In Block number 735,000, mined at approximately 10:29 UTC, Bitcoin crossed the halfway point to the next halving. The block was mined by Poolin, earning 0.16215354 BTC ($6,402.45) in fees.  Halvings occur every 210,00 blocks, and … Read more