Axie Infinity’s Discord bot compromised, hackers issue fake minting message

Axie Infinity, the popular play-to-earn nonfungible token game, faced another attack on its Discord server earlier on Wednesday, leading to a compromise of its MEE6 bot. MEE6 is a popular discord bot mainly used for automating roles and messages and is used by numerous crypto projects. The attackers used the compromised bot to add permissions … Read more

Solana developers share 3 key mitigation steps to make the network robust

TheSolana network faced its seventh outage on April 30, resulting in a downtime of over seven hours. The developer team has come out with an outage report along with three key mitigation steps to make the network more stable. The network outage on Solana was caused by a significant surge in the number of transactions … Read more

Telegram Users Can Send and Receive Toncoin Within Messenger Chats – Bitcoin News

Telegram users can now send and receive toncoin directly within the application’s chats, according to a tweet by The Open Network (TON) Foundation. In addition to the toncoin support, users can also purchase bitcoin via the software’s bot system. TON Foundation Reveals Telegram Toncoin Support, Users Can Purchase Bitcoin via Bot The ability to send … Read more