Bank of Russia Accelerates Schedule for Digital Ruble Project – Finance Bitcoin News

The Central Bank of Russia continues to step up efforts to test and issue the digital ruble, with a roadmap for the full implementation of the new form of the national fiat now expected by the end of 2023. Trials with real transactions and users are scheduled to begin next April, earlier than originally planned. … Read more

Crypto Payments Possible if They Don’t Penetrate Russia’s Financial System, Central Bank Says – Regulation Bitcoin News

Cryptocurrencies can be used for international payments if they don’t penetrate the Russian financial system, the head of Bank of Russia has stated. The governor also insisted that the digital assets should not be traded on platforms operating inside the country. Bank of Russia Chair Ready to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments for International Settlements Cryptocurrencies can … Read more

Bank of Russia Steps Up Efforts to Issue Digital Ruble Due to Sanctions – Finance Bitcoin News

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has accelerated the development of its digital ruble in response to Western sanctions. The monetary authority now intends to pilot transactions with the new version of the national fiat in early 2023 instead of 2024, as originally planned. CBR to Launch Transactions, Smart Contracts With Digital Ruble as Early … Read more