June gloom takes on a new meaning in another 2022 down month

The market cap of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped another 33% in June, which is now beginning to numb the Twitter community. On the upside, many crypto traders who wanted out did so fairly aggressively from March to May. But, the less optimistic news is that the stagnancy in address activity may need to change for prices … Read more

Must staking and liquidity pool lock-ups change to see crypto mass adoption?

The recent downturn in the broader crypto landscape has highlighted several flaws inherent with proof-of-stake (PoS) networks and Web3 protocols. Mechanisms such as bonding/unbonding and lock-up periods were architecturally built into many PoS networks and liquidity pools with the intent of mitigating a total bank run and promoting decentralization. Yet, the inability to quickly withdraw … Read more

Blockchain investments are disrupting the real estate industry: Report

The Cointelegraph Research Terminal, the leading provider of premium databases and institutional-grade research on blockchain and digital assets, has added a new report to its expanding library from the industry leader in tokenization.  This report from Security Token Market and sister company Security Token Advisors covers the rapidly emerging asset-backed real estate tokenization industry. This … Read more

Bitcoin trading: Momentum strategies with different moving averages

One of the simplest strategies for trading cryptocurrencies involves the application of moving averages (MA). The basic premise is that if the price of an asset is above its moving average for a certain number of days, this is considered a buy signal. Once it falls below its moving average, the asset is sold, and … Read more

Algorithmic, fiat-backed or crypto-backed: What’s the best stablecoin type?

TerraUSD (UST) flipping BinanceUSD (BUSD) for the third spot in the market capitalization list didn’t last long. The once-mighty stablecoin that powers the entire Terra ecosystem finds itself reduced to “Terra is more than UST” tweets. While no one knows for sure if LUNA can stage a comeback, UST will certainly go down as one … Read more

Is Bitcoin price optimism fading after the crypto market’s rocky April?

Bitcoin (BTC) topped out at around $46,000 on April 4 before freefalling back to $38,000, causing much frustration among crypto traders who have been so used to the market’s unreal returns in the past two years after the March 2020 crash.  February and March showed signs of recovery, especially after the steep declines in December … Read more

GameFi is showing signs of a mature landscape: Report

Blockchain games are set to overtake decentralized finance (DeFi) as the number one contributor to decentralized application (DApp) activity in terms of uniquely active wallets. A new 18-page report by DappRadar surveys the nascent ecosystem behind this rise.  Although still dwarfed by the traditional gaming industry, blockchain games, sometimes dubbed GameFi, have seen an early … Read more