Kenyan Law Enforcement Agency Arrests Two Students Accused of Using Stolen Funds to Buy BTC – Regulation Bitcoin News

Two Kenyan students accused of hacking credit cards and using the ill-gotten funds to buy bitcoin have been arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, a statement from the law enforcement agency has said. After converting the cryptocurrency to local currency, the two students would use the fraudulently acquired funds to sustain their lavish lifestyle. … Read more

American Financial Infidelity Report: 2 out of 5 Survey Respondents Hid Their Crypto Purchases – Bitcoin News

A recent survey study has found that two out of five Americans in committed relationships have admitted to hiding a cryptocurrency purchase from their partner. The crypto-cheating partners believe disclosing the purchase would damage their relationship. Reasons for Not Disclosing Purchases A Circuit survey study that sought to determine the extent of financial infidelity among … Read more