Report: Pakistan Can Generate $90 Million Annually if It Introduces a 15% Tax on Crypto Transactions – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

Pakistan can generate tax revenues of at least $90 million each year if authorities impose a 15% tax on cryptocurrency transactions, an executive with a cryptocurrency exchange has said. 15% Crypto Tax An executive with a Pakistani cryptocurrency exchange has said Islamabad can generate at least $90 million in tax revenues if authorities decide to … Read more

RBI warns of crypto ‘dollarization’ of Indian economy

Officials from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have reportedly sounded the alarm bells again over crypto adoption, which they claim will ultimately lead to the “dollarization” of the local economy. According to a Monday report from the Indian branch of the Economic Times — which cited unnamed sources — the RBI’s concerns are focused … Read more

Crypto capital gains one of four key areas for Australian Tax Office

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has outlined crypto capital gains as one of four key areas of focus in 2022. A capital gain or loss refers to the price difference between the time an asset was purchased and the time it was sold. The percentage owed to the ATO varies between income brackets and duration … Read more

Germany Declares Crypto Gains Tax-Free After 1 Year — Even if Used for Staking, Lending – Taxes Bitcoin News

The German Ministry of Finance has published a letter officially confirming that the sale of crypto assets is tax-free after one year even if the coins are used for staking and lending. How Crypto Gains Are Taxed in Germany The German Ministry of Finance announced Wednesday that it has published a letter on the income … Read more