Bear market delivery! Ohio guy rejoins DoorDash to buy more Bitcoin

What did you do in the 2022 bear market, anon? For one Bitcoiner, the opportunity to take on a second job to “stack sats” (buy more Bitcoin (BTC)), was too great. Isaiah, the founder of the Cleveland Bitcoin Meetup, is delivering food to Ohio residents to earn cash on the side. Isaiah told Cointelegraph “I … Read more

It seems NFT-themed Bored & Hungry restaurant no longer accepts crypto

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that recently opened NFT-themed burger joint Bored & Hungry no longer accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its food. When questioned, one Bored & Hungry employee told the Los Angeles Times “Not today — I don’t know.” The individual didn’t give any indication of when the decision … Read more

The business of a Bitcoin standard: Profit, people and passion for good food

The Canadian restaurant franchise Tahini’s serves Middle East-inspired food with a Bitcoin-inspired twist.  Since August 2020, when the price of Bitcoin (BTC) was under $20,000, the group has operated on a Bitcoin standard, with any profits it makes swept into BTC. The Tahini’s Twitter account has since argued that Bitcoin is the “most Islamic” thing Muslims … Read more