Bank of Japan to trial digital yen with three megabanks

Despite Japan’s uncertainty on whether to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC), the Bank of Japan (BoJ) continues experimenting with a potential digital yen. The Japanese central bank has started a collaboration with three megabanks and regional banks to conduct a CBDC issuance pilot, the local news agency Nikkei reported on Nov. 23. The … Read more

Bitcoin in Zimbabwe: Importing cars and sending money to family

Bitcoin (BTC) is a tool for freedom and economic empowerment. For one young Zimbabwean, Ovidy, it turned his life around when he returned to his home country at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  An entrepreneur who first learned of Bitcoin while living in the United States, Ovidy has since built a business with Bitcoin … Read more

Law Decoded, May 30–June 6: Terra’s aftermath in China, Japan and South Korea

The “long waves” of TerraUSD’s May 7 collapse, which we noted two newsletters ago, are extending even further. Last week brought some notable reactions to the stablecoin’s depegging in the East Asia region.  A Chinese state-owned media outlet, the Economic Daily has signaled that the Chinese government may introduce even tighter regulations on cryptocurrencies and … Read more

New Japanese law may allow seizure of stolen crypto

Japan’s Justice Ministry is reportedly considering a revision of an asset seizure law relating to organized crime to include a stipulation that crypto can be commandeered in such instances. If the reports are found to be true, a potential revision of the Act on Punishment of Organized Crimes and Control of Proceeds of Crime (1999) … Read more

Caribbean Islands, Dubai, Mumbai — Bitcoin Cash Adoption Continues to Swell Worldwide – Featured Bitcoin News

Bitcoin cash supporters are known for spreading adoption over the years and 2022 is no different. This year, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency bitcoin cash has seen significant adoption throughout the islands of the Caribbean, alongside places like Dubai, and Mumbai. Bitcoin Cash Advocates Continue to Promote Peer-to-Peer Crypto Adoption According to the web page, there … Read more

Japan Adopts Legislation Establishing Legal Framework for Stablecoins – Regulation Bitcoin News

The parliament of Japan has approved a draft law tailored to regulate stablecoins in the country and protect investors. The new legislation is among the first to be introduced after the recent collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin terrausd. Law on Stablecoins Approved in Japan in Aftermath of UST Collapse Lawmakers in Japan have passed a … Read more

Japan passes bill to limit stablecoin issuance to banks and trust companies

Japan is moving forward with legislation regarding the issuance of stablecoins i.e. digital assets with their value pegged to fiat currencies or stabilized by an algorithm.  On June 3, Japan’s parliament passed a bill to ban stablecoin issuance by non-banking institutions, local news agency Nikkei reported.  The bill reportedly stipulates that the issuance of stablecoins … Read more gets nod in Dubai and FTX launches in Japan

Two out of the top 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume will expand into new markets, with obtaining a provisional crypto license in Dubai and FTX launching in Japan. announced on June 2 that the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) provided the exchange with provisional approval of its Virtual Asset License giving … Read more

Study Shows the United States Is Home to 41% of the NFT Companies Worldwide – Bitcoin News

According to a study called “A World of NFT Adoption” published by, the United States has the most non-fungible token (NFT) company headquarters in the world. While the U.S. captures more than 41% of the NFT companies worldwide, the second largest number of NFT startup locations stems from Singapore, as the country hosts over … Read more