Can the Optimism blockchain win the battle of the rollups?

Ethereum is plagued with criticisms of its less than optimal scaling capabilities and high gas prices. There have been talks about increasing the scaling capacity of the Ethereum mainnet for a while now.  However, the Ethereum ecosystem needs a solution for scaling right now, and if Ethereum is not able to give these new applications … Read more

Finance Redefined: Number of DAOs surge, Solana launches $100M DeFi fund

This past week, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem was ruled by decentralized autonomous organizations and new fund launches for the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. The total number of DAOs surged by eight times while Solana launched a $100 million DeFi fund. Optimism, an Ethereum layer-2 protocol that Vitalik Buterin recently praised for its governance … Read more

TrueFi launches on Optimism, expanding access to on-chain credit

Unsecured lending protocol TrueFi has become the latest project to launch on Optimism, Ethereum’s popular layer-2 scaling solution, in a move that’s expected to boost demand from non-institutional lenders.  By launching on Optimism, TrueFi’s lender community will have access to a faster and cheaper user experience, as well as gain exposure to a wider pool … Read more

Balancer launches on Ethereum L2 network Optimism

Automated market maker and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Balancer has officially deployed on Optimism, the highly touted Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, in a move designed to enhance user functionality by increasing scalability and reducing fees.  Balancer’s Optimism deployment was carried out in conjunction with Beethoven X, a decentralized investment platform on the Fantom Network that … Read more

Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity crosses 3900 BTC marking a new ATH

Unwithered by the ongoing bear market, Bitcoin’s (BTC) underlying architecture continues to outperform itself — further securing, decentralizing and speeding up the impenetrable peer-to-peer network. The same holds true for the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN). The Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity attained an all-time high of 3915.776 BTC as evidenced by data from Bitcoin Visuals, displaying a commitment … Read more

StarkWare nets $100M as investors bank on layer-2 success

Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 developer StarkWare has raised a further $100 million in its latest fundraising round despite the prevailing downturn in cryptocurrency markets. StarkWare’s series D fundraising round sees the firm’s valuation up to $8 billion, marking a four-fold increase in value just six months after its Series C round in November 2021. Tech investment … Read more

Hop Protocol reveals details of Hop DAO and Optimism-style airdrop

Hop Protocol, a cross-chain bridge designed to facilitate the quick transfer of tokens between different Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions, has unveiled a new governance model alongside an airdrop that will see early users receive 8% of the total supply of soon-to-be-released HOP tokens. Similar to Optimism, which recently unveiled a new governance structure that will … Read more