Vitalik shows support for Optimism’s governance structure and OP gas proposal

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shown support for Optimism’s new governance structure, noting that proposals such as using the OP token for gas fees shows “explicit representation of non-token-holder interests.” The Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution deployed the first round of its long-awaited OP token airdrop on June 1 as part of its new governance project … Read more

Optimism token falls 40% prompting calls to bar dumpers from airdrops

Optimism’s freshly launched governance token OP has plunged 40% since peaking at $2.10, leading members of the community to discuss baring those who dumped their tokens from future airdrops. Cointelegraph reported yesterday that the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution was overwhelmed with demand for the first OP governance token airdrop, as 5% of the token supply … Read more