B2Broker Introduces B2Trader – An Innovative Crypto Spot Brokerage Platform – Sponsored Bitcoin News

With Bitcoin reaching record highs and the overall market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies surpassing $2.37T, the cryptocurrency market is seeing remarkable development. This is in line with the June 30, 2024, implementation of the MiCA rule, which will be followed by another wave on December 30, 2024, with the goal of promoting broader use of cryptocurrencies … Read more

How Pionex’s Trading Bots Can Help Manage Risk – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Last month was a crypto rollercoaster. Bill Gates said crypto is based on greater fool theory. The market has lost more than $1 trillion dollars since November, and there are still signs of further damage, including Celsius’ pause on withdrawals. The wild west of finance is clearly suffering, and the whiplash pace of recent … Read more

Saddle․Finance Creates New Standards for DeFi Trading – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored DeFi is a sub-sector in the crypto industry that has witnessed significant innovation since its inception. However, the narrative has struggled to stay consistent, affecting the domain overall. The current bear market has wiped out more than half of DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL), hampering innovations. Furthermore, several projects have simply forked (copied) existing … Read more

Bitcoin of America Is Working to Solve the Gender Problem in the Crypto Industry – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored The leading virtual currency exchange, Bitcoin of America, announced its return to BTC 2022 in Miami. The company made headline last year for promoting females in a male dominant industry. Once again, Bitcoin of America made a splash at BTC 2022 with its all-female team. Bitcoin of America sent some of their top women … Read more

Embr Releases Checkout to Future-Proof Trust in Web3 Payment Experiences – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Embr is an all-remote corporation building a global Web3 fundraising infrastructure, and Checkout is the first of many product releases focused on moving startups and creators into a new era of the internet. Web3 has the potential to rewrite the future of economic opportunity for innovators and investors everywhere. Still, crypto first-timers and veterans … Read more

BOSO TOKYO Looks to Bring Japanese Culture to the World via Innovative Use of Metaverse Capabilities – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Everyone would agree that the DeFi industry is absolutely booming right now, and for good reason. After all, there is an abundance of technological innovation right now through aspects such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, P2E games, blockchain, and most recently the metaverse. With that being said, it can often prove difficult to ascertain which projects … Read more

Foresight Ventures Launches 200m Foresight Secondary Fund I to Invest in Private Round Crypto Assets – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Foresight Ventures launches 200m Foresight Secondary Fund I to invest in private round crypto assets that are looking to access liquidity during current volatile market conditions. The fund is launched with Bitget Exchange as the largest single LP. Current market conditions have not diminished our long-term outlook on the development of the crypto market, … Read more

Bitcoin of America Is Working to Solve the Gender Problem in the Cryptocurrency Industry – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored The cryptocurrency industry has a big gender problem when it comes to female involvement. Bitcoin of America (BOA), a popular virtual currency exchange, is looking to solve this major issue. BOA has been very open about their female involvement at conferences, expos, and even within their own company. Bitcoin of America revealed that most … Read more

Agoras: Cryptocurrency Designed to Evolve Alongside Humanity – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Agoras is the cryptocurrency of Tau. If you haven’t heard about Tau yet, it is the first-ever decentralized blockchain social network, that will be able to take the thoughts, advice, and knowledge of its users and update its own software in real-time to give all users control over what the software does for them … Read more

Ranked Wall Street Analyst, Founder of altFINS, Democratizes Crypto Investing – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored The Fair token launch gives its community an equal opportunity to participate in lieu of easy upfront cash from private sales or pre-sale. AFINS fair launch manifesto Richard Fetyko is the CEO and Founder of altFINS, the best crypto trading analytics platform. He worked 14 years on Wall Street in Equity Research at several … Read more